20 Over 40

20 OVER 40

Edited by David Galef and Beth Weinhouse

As anyone over forty can attest, the middle of life can be complex. It means assuming authority over both the younger generation and the older set: kids and aging parents. Still, midlife fiction has gotten short shrift, if it’s gotten any shrift at all.

For those who like a good story but are tired of youthful fiction, 20 over 40 offers welcome relief: a short story anthology by authors over age forty about subjects that have a lot to do with that too-often-ignored time of life. Whether the plot concerns tending to children, taking care of older parents, pursuing a love affair, facing one’s own age, or just nursing a midlife crisis, these stories speak to the complexities of real life. These writers are no longer novices, yet they’re not jaded or cynical. They know their craft.